Generally speaking, new homeowners in Florida get surprised when they become aware that most houses in Florida are built without basements and directly on a slab. This raises plenty of questions for new buyers who come to Florida state for the first time and learned that homes with basement aren’t the norm here because of the high water table, also called Groundwater Table (water sits under the ground) and proximity to the ocean makes it too dangerous to live.

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Problems Which Homebuyers In Florida May Face

Usually, Florida homes are small and without basements-a place where homeowner stores all their personal stuff and send their kids to play during winters. Newcomers may face storage problems which they might not have faced in their previous home and due to which they need to dispose of some of their non-essential items.

Is It Possible To Dig A Basement Under My Existing Home?

Yes, if you are living in an area which is less prone to water attacks, basements can be built under your existing home, but cost and safety considerations may stop you from doing that. It would be best to consult your contractor. However, few factors are needed to be considered when adding a basement to your existing home.

  • Space: Digging out a large area out of your small home in Florida is close to impossible.
  • Windows: Consider the size of the windows needs to be in your basement.
  • Stairs: Adding a floor means you also need to add stairs to your existing floor plan.

Can Waterproofing Basement Works Well?

Basement waterproofing is the remedy to prevent your basement from rain, snow, freezing weather, high-temperature, sleet, humidity attacks which weaken its foundation completely.

In the absence of high-quality drainage system or strong foundation, nothing else can prevent your home from getting collapsed. Waterproofing when combined with the quality drainage system is the best remedy to protect your home from external water attacks.

Being a homeowner, you should ensure a comfortable waterproofing basement to enjoy the advantages of strong, expensive foundation rather than blaming your constructor in the future. So, start working now and establish a firm basement for your beautiful and costly home in Florida.