How can I lower my Florida auto insurance premiums? Any tips…

Auto Insurance in Florida is influenced by various external factors that include vehicle damage through hurricanes. But, not all is lost. There are ways and means for lowering your Florida auto insurance premiums.

 Bear in mind that the amount of savings you get to experience with Florida auto insurance might be limited by things like your driving history, policy type, the state laws with regards to auto insurance, and deductibles. However, you would do well to consider some tips that will help you lower your Florida auto insurance premiums.

 Useful Tips on Lowering Your Florida Auto Insurance

 To help you lower your auto insurance premiums in Florida, consider the following tips:

ü  Try and purchase a vehicle with a higher safety rating like Mercedes Benz or Volvo. Other cars like the Corvette and sports cars are considered high risk and will carry a very high auto insurance premium. Check out the Kelly Blue Book in order to view various safety ratings on vehicles

ü  Speak to your insurance company in Florida about raising your deductibles as it will lower your monthly premiums. It will make a big difference if you could ask them to raise your collision and comprehensive deductible to say a $1,000 or more. Make sure you set aside some money each month as an emergency fund

ü  Try and negotiate lower rates with your auto insurance company in Florida by letting them know that you drive less through making use of carpooling and public transport

ü Do your best to keep your driving record clean by sticking to the speed limit and following various road safety tips in Florida

ü  Shop around and get quotes from other auto insurance companies in Florida. Then try to negotiate lower insurance premiums with your Auto Insurance Florida

ü  Believe it or not, your FICO rating or credit score may have an impact on your auto insurance premium. It may come across as unfair, but some insurance companies will perceive you as a high financial risk. This will mean that your monthly auto insurance premiums are higher.

ü  You could opt for what is known as a liability-only policy with your Florida Auto Insurance Company. Just make sure that this would comply with your state’s laws. This is particularly useful when you possess an older vehicle as it does not cover your vehicle or you in the event of an accident. The damages and injuries caused to the other party will be covered up to a certain specified limit

ü  By getting your homeowners insurance and Florida auto insurance policy with the same insurance company could very well mean you get an additional discount when you include an umbrella policy. Best to check this with your auto insurer in Florida

These tips on lowering your auto insurance in Florida will go a long way to ensure you get the best deal in paying lower Florida auto insurance premiums.

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