Two unprecedented back-to-back hurricane disasters have caused tens of billions of dollars in insured damages. Installing wind mitigation features is an effective way to reduce your hurricane-wind premium, let’s explore other essential factors which would help you gain Homeowners Insurance Premium Discounts In Florida.

1. Your location: Yes, the closer your home located to the coast, the more are the chances of loss caused by hurricane winds. The proximity of your home to the coast makes hurricane insurance premium higher than the similar homes located in other areas of the Florida state.

2. Your policy: Your homeowner insurance policy in Florida is divided into two premiums

  • Damage caused by Hurricane wind and
  • Damage resulting from other perils such as fire.

3. Your Deductibles: Your homeowner insurance premium in Florida is inversely related to your insurance deductibles. Under the state law, the homeowner can choose 2%, 5% or above 5% deductible, depending on his or her home actual value.

Larger Deductible= Lower Hurricane Wind Premium

4. Home Improvements: The Florida state requires insurance providers to offer discounts to homeowners for protecting and securing their

  • Roof against damage caused by hurricane winds, so it doesn’t blow off.
  • Windows from flying debris: wind impact resistant glass must protect all windows.

Wind Mitigation Key Features:

  • Roof Covering: meets the 2001 Florida Building Code are eligible for a homeowner insurance premium discount in Florida on the hurricane-wind portion of your home insurance premium. However, homeowners may be eligible for more discounts if other wind mitigation features are installed on their home. For example,
  • Roof Deck Attachment: How your roof is attached?
  • Roof Shape
  • Roof-to-Wall Connections
  • Roof Bracing of Gable End
  • Secondary Water Resistance

The above cost effective wind mitigation measures can reduce your hurricane –wind premium substantially.

  • Maximum discount: The total discount is not the sum of combining all individual discounts. The discount figure is computed: when one discount is applied, other reduced until a homeowner reaches his or her maximum discount of XX%.

If interested, please contact our Professional Insurance Advisor at to discuss your Wind Mitigation Credits & if you could benefit from the wind mitigation certified inspection.