Speaking To Best Insurance Agency Near Me

Homeowners insurance in Florida is a must-have even if you have bought a new home. The insurance protects you against unpredictability’s related to man-made and natural events, such as  fire, vandalism, hurricane, tornado, etc. If you failed to insure your valuable investment you will much likely be in a financial trouble if the big one hits you. For those who have purchased home insurance in the past and have maintained good claim history can easily get insurance from any other provider in the state. But for the first time homeowners, purchasing homeowners insurance in Florida isn’t a piece of cake. Read below to learn some helpful tips for getting first homeowners insurance.

Do not assume

Does insurance agency near me provide coverage for earthquake and floods? The answer is NO. The standard policy does not cover damages related to earth movement or rising sea level. Therefore, you should ask your provider about the additional coverage in addition to the standard one.

Don’t skip the home inspection

Even if you have purchased a new brand home, do not skip the home inspection-the integral part of home buying process. You never know when the roof or foundation starts cracking. Hire a professional home inspector who can closely inspect the structure and materials used in the building of a new home.

Remember: Home insurance agency covers you for the loss occurred due to natural or man-made disasters and doesn’t cover you for the damages occurred due to roof leakage or any other structural problem.

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Provide complete details

Never lie to your insurance agent or company. They may ask you the reasons for not having coverage in the past, or were you denied by any other provider? Be sincere when answering these questions.

Read your policy

For those who’re purchasing homeowners insurance for the first time, it is extremely important to have a detailed meeting with the provider to ask about the ins and outs of policy. And once you get your policy, read between the lines before you sign the dotted line.

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