Compare Cheap Homeowners Insurance Quotes In Florida And Save Big

Homeowner insurance rates in Florida are the product of flooding, tornadoes, hurricanes thunderstorms, wildfire, and, of course, tropical storms. Not surprisingly, according to a recent study by the III, there is no such thing as cheap homeowners insurance quotes in Florida. The Sunshine state home insurance rates averaged a whopping $1,583 per year, is the most expensive state in the nation in terms of home insurance. For that and other reasons, it’s important that a homeowner knows how to get reasonable home insurance quotes with the quality coverage in Florida.

Understanding Home Insurance Risks in Florida

For all Floridians, it is important to understand that insurance providers aren’t entirely responsible for the high home insurance rates. On the contrary, Mother Nature especially hurricanes are the single biggest cause for exorbitant rates in Florida’s. Here’s a list of reasons why finding cheap homeowners insurance quotes in Florida is becoming difficult for homeowners.

Thunder and Lightning: anywhere else in the United States, the Florida peninsula has the nation’s highest density of lightning strikes and higher thunderstorm frequency rate, according to the NOAA National Severe Storms Laboratory.

Tornadoes: according to the U.S. 1999 Tornado Project, the sunshine state experiences more Tornadoes per square mile as compared to any other state in the Union.

Hurricanes: than any other state in the nation, Florida experiences a higher rate of hurricanes and has recorded close to 500 tropical and subtropical cyclones to date.

Flooding: The NFIP warns that 80% of Florida’s population lives in high-risk areas of flooding and so homeowners insurance is a must have.’

Dealing With The Risk

Shop around

Get multiple quotes from different providers

Look for discounts

Choose the best customer service, providers

Learn factors that help you reduce your premiums

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In a climate where desirable home insurance coverage at the affordable rates is a challenge, Diverse Insurance Group bargain for better rates and help you get cheap homeowners insurance quotes in Florida. That’s why we are such a valuable asset for Floridian homeowners. To get all of the home insurance advantages, you need to visit and request an online quote by filling our “Get a Free Quote” form.