Hurricane Season 2013 Are you ready? We are…

It could mean the difference between life and death, finding out what is needed to prepare you and your loved ones for upcoming storms. Being prepared will give you peace of mind knowing that your family is safe no matter what Mother Nature has planned for Florida.

You need to be aware at all times as to what will be happening in your neighborhood during what is expected to be a very busy Atlantic Hurricane Season this year as predicted by people in the know.

After all, it is your responsibility to ensure that your family and you are well-prepared for the upcoming hurricane season during 2013.

Questions That Needs Answering About Preparedness

For instance, do you know what there is to know about the evacuation procedures you need to follow?

What about being aware on how to get to the Hurricane Evacuation Center?

Are your informed as to how to perform a cleanup before a storm?

What to do before a Hurricane approaches, and what you should be doing during a Hurricane?

These are all questions that are answered by DBA the GlobalGreen Insurance Agency in Florida. DBA goes one step further giving you links to all the need to know contacts for Hurricane Season 2013 which goes on to provide you with extremely useful information on what is needed to be prepared for the hurricane season.

Why Florida Boaters Should be Prepared for the 2013 Hurricane Season

According to the FWC (Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission), Florida boat owners should plan way ahead of time to secure their boats from impending rough seas and winds.

Some of the main reasons why Florida Boaters should be ready are:

l  Vessels that are not secured will break free and cause a lot of problems in the waterways with regards to oil pollution and leaking fuel. In addition, the boats will drift into docks, piers, bridges and seawalls which will impose on the safety of others.

l  The state of Florida are often faced with heavy responsibility having to deal with damaged, abandoned or lost vessels shortly after significant weather occurrences.

Some of the steps recommended by FWC include:

l  Boat owners should secure their vessels in a safe area and also ensure they let out some air out of their trailer tires that hosts their boat. In addition, they should block the wheels of the trailer, and if at all possible, even anchor the boat by adding excess weight to it.

l  Another very good idea is to check out nearby areas pointed out by the Clearwater Patch Directory where they could either have their vessels stored, serviced or repaired. In all cases, the Hurricane Manual for Florida Boaters should be referred to.

Useful Points to Remember When Faced with a Hurricane

Should your area be affected by a hurricane, then there is one way where residents can assist. All they have to do is to remember in putting out all household garbage like diapers and food refuse into bags or containers, and place it separate from large storm debris such as trees and other large household debris.

For definite guidelines on what to do before, during and after a Hurricane, it is highly recommended you get yourself the links to all the need to know contacts for Hurricane Season 2013 which goes on to provide you with extremely useful information as provided by DBA the GlobalGreen Insurance Agency in Florida who also writes insurance for the following lines of business; Auto, Condos, Homeowners, Commercial, Flood insurance and many more.