Dear Floridian,

We are reaching out to all property owners to make sure you are aware of The Florida Senate Bills that have recently passed for Citizens Property Insurance and The Florida Senate Bills that are still on the table and how are they affecting you and your property.

Per the Sun Sentinel and information provided by other creditable sources Citizens Property Insurance has “already dropped coverage for gazebos, carports and screened-in pool enclosures – almost everything but the main building on a property.”

The next major bill to pass was your personal liability coverage will automatically be decreased from $300,000 to $100,000 with no option of buying it back this will occur effective this May, on 05/01/2012 or your renewal date.

What Coverage Is Being Dropped Next? Don’t wait to find out on CBS or NBC! Call us today (754) 300-7FLA available Nights and Weekends we will get you prepared for the upcoming hurricane season. We have a market for everyone. There hasn’t been a hurricane in 7 years is this the year experts can predict all they want but all we can do is make sure we are ready!

“Citizens wants to change its rules to raise its sinkhole deductible to 10 percent and cap coverage for its roughly 7,500 coastal policies with more than $1 million in coverage or non-renew them. It wants to reduce coverage for personal liability, liability for mold and loss assessments – coverage that helps condominium unit owners pay assessments charged by their condo associations to cover damage and improvements. It also wants to lower the default coverage sold to consumers for contents coverage, which covers furniture and electronics. ““Citizens already plans to drop coverage for gazebos, most carports and screened-in pool enclosures – almost everything but the main building on a property.”

SB 1784 Citizens Property Insurance Corporation; Discontinuing policy discounts relating to the Citizens Property Insurance Corporation after a certain date; providing that certain residential structures are not eligible for coverage by the corporation after a certain date; directing the corporation to provide coverage to certain excluded residential structures but at rates deemed appropriate by the corporation; prohibiting the corporation from accepting applications for commercial nonresidential risks; providing that policies do not include coverage for screen enclosures or any structure detached from the house, etc.

SB 1346 Property Insurance; Providing for the calculation of an insurer’s reimbursement premium and retention under the reimbursement contract; revising coverage levels available under the reimbursement contract; reducing 2 % from 6% the amount of the projected deficit in the coastal account for the prior calendar year which is recovered through regular assessments;

SB 578 Depopulation Programs of Citizens Property Insurance Corporation; Providing that eligible surplus lines insurers may participate, in the same manner and on the same terms as an authorized insurer, in depopulation, take-out, or keep-out programs relating to policies removed from Citizens Property Insurance Corporation; authorizing information from underwriting files and confidential files to be released by the corporation to specified entities that are considering writing or underwriting risks insured by the corporation under certain circumstances; specifying that only the corporation’s transfer of a policy file to an insurer, as opposed to the transfer of any file, changes the file’s public record status, etc.

As you can see there are many changes that have been implemented that have already affected you and many other upcoming changes that will significantly affect you in the very near future. Please contact us today at (754)300-7FLA available Nights and Weekends and we will make sure that you are properly protected.


Thanking you in advance,

Mohammed Abid
Diverse Insurance Group Inc.