Home Insurance Near Me Provides Liability Coverage

A standard homeowner’s insurance policy in Florida offers medical coverage, but not for the people living inside the home and only cover people outside your household who have been injured at your home or their property got damaged. Therefore, you cannot file the claim for the injury of any family member because the liability coverage of your homeowner’s insurance policy covers medical payments to others and protects you in the event if someone file suit against you for the bodily injury or loss of their property at your property.

Home insurance near me explains 4 common liability claims that homeowners face under standard homeowners insurance policy in Florida.

1. Dog bites

If your provider determines that a dog breed like pit bulls, German shepherds, and Akitas (frequently excluded by carriers) are dangerous to be kept at your home because they represent higher risks, but you don’t listen to your provider, it can either cost you thousand dollars more or they may refuse to insure you.

They usually exclude powerful breeds and dogs which are large in size that causes serious injuries if they attack people.

2. Incidents happen inside your home

Did you know you can be held liable by a delivery boy who has visited your home and has sustained any injury because of your negligence? For example, he got slip because there was water on the floor, tripping on the loose carpet that a homeowner forgot to warn him about, etc.

3. Falling trees

If you have a tree on your property that is falling down and damages your neighbor’s house or car, they can hold you liable for the loss. If you own a tree trim the branches or remove it entirely to avoid any future incidents.

4. Intoxicated guests

If your guest becomes intoxicated at the party arranged by you inside your home, you could be held responsible for any harm they cause to other people or their property.

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