A lot of Floridians own pets and can privately keep a lot of animals such as alligators, snakes etc. They can keep these pets if they have a valid permit. Generally, neighbors are not required by law to inform others living around them about the kinds of pets they have in their house.

However, it must be made clear that pets are animals nonetheless and can be unpredictable regardless of how good they are tamed. Necessary measures must be taken in order to safeguard the animal from any harm and people living in the house from any harm.

Animals are fun to have and bring joy in your life. However, that does not mean that one should completely let it be and not take proper safety measures. The natural behavior of animals can lead to them getting out of their cage and exploring the area they’re in. Animals are naturally in tuned to exploring and moving around. This might result in your neighbors finding out and freaking out.

There have been several cases where homeowners found their pets outside their cage and roaming around the house and managing to get outside as well. Neighbors pets have attacked homeowners as well. Such cases might be rare but they do happen. It is reported that more than 250 exotic pets such as lions, monkeys, tigers, bears among other animals have escaped in Florida just over the last decade.

Note that animals pose a serious threat to your family members and your neighbors. Animals can cause serious injury, augment diseases and potentially damage the healthy eco-system. As far as insurance is concerned, the state of Florida requires pet owners to have a liability insurance for the animals they have. It’s understood that wild and potentially dangerous behavior can be expected from a wild animal. The question is that what are the dangers posed by a domestic animal?

In some areas in Florida, homeowners who own dogs are required to acquire an umbrella insurance policy for their pet. Homeowners insurance is separate and must not be confused with umbrella insurance. According to the Institute Information Institute, dog bites account for one-third of all homeowners insurance liability claims with the average payout being $37,000.

One must consult their homeowners insurance company agent and review the terms to see if the pet is covered on renters insurance or homeowners insurance or the homeowner will be requiring an additional insurance (umbrella insurance).

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