According to the US Census report, approx 10 million deadly accidents take place each year and the accident report  is updated every three to five minutes. Same as the case with the Florida state  where drivers meet an unexpected car crash  every other minute. The key to save yourself from the financial loss expected to incur in the event of an accident is purchasing an affordable auto insurance in Florida.

The Estimated Cost Of Car Accidents

The following data have been collected by the US census bureau:

  • Traffic accidents: Damages claim $299.5 billion per year
  • Car crashes: Damages claim $61,600 on average per year.
  • Personal injury: Above $1 million on account of medical expense

Is Auto Coverage Mandatory?

In the United States, every state drivers are required to be protected against (PIP) personal injury protection coverage, however, car insurance liability is optional but advisable.

What Does Affordable Auto Insurance In Florida Covers?

Liability Insurance

It includes liability coverage of bodily injured person as well as a minimum amount of property damage. If you meet an accident, the liability coverage will pay for the cost set as per your policy.

Collision Coverage

In addition to injury and property coverage, you may also require collision coverage under which you will be paid for your vehicle damage.

Other Than Collision

If you want more than collision coverage than “other than collision” coverage plan is also provided by insurance companies. For example, The cost of legal defense alone can bring thousand dollar losses, even if it proves that the fault wasn’t on your part. For this reason, a comprehensive and affordable auto insurance in Florida is a must.

Towing Service

Provides towing assistance to help you to get your vehicle back on the road.

Rental coverage

This type of coverage gives you a daily reimbursement on account of the replacement vehicle, if your car is in the shop for repair.

Why Diverse Insurance Group Is The Best Choice?

We have auto insurance experts who can guide you well, according to your needs based on a number of drivers in your family, their ages and number of vehicles they own. We know the state requirements well, so without having proper professional advice you cannot consider yourself 100% insured.

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