What Does Best Condo Insurance Cover?

The condo owner is responsible for covering all damages occurred within his or her unit, including interior walls, ceilings, and flooring. Condo insurance (aka HO-6 insurance) will provide coverage for personal property damage and is designed to protect the condo owner against the damages or financial loss that could result if someone gets injured within your premises. Your best condo insurance will also protect you from the loss occurred due to fire, theft or other incidents-you may be able to receive compensation through your policy.

What Is Not Covered by Condo Insurance Policy In Florida?

Flood Damages:

Your condo policy will not protect you if the damage is caused by flooding and you need separate flood coverage to file your claim.

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Damages Caused by Truck or Car

Condo insurance policy in Florida will not typically cover damages to your property or personal assets caused by your truck or car, or damage to your vehicles.

How Much Condo Insurance Do I Need?

The coverage depends on the value of your assets. To assess your coverage needs, jot down the estimated replacement cost of all your belongings to get an idea of how much you can lose if disaster hits.

This cruel world could hold you liable for any medical injury or a trauma to the neck, head or spine occurred to your guest inside your property. Therefore, to protect yourself, you need a large amount of liability coverage. If you don’t have that you will be liable to pay for all medical cost associated with the injury.

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