If you have home owners insurance, you must know about various insurance claims people make. But there are certain common insurance claims which most of the homeowners insurance companies florida come across. A list of those claims is given as under:

  1. The first and foremost reason which also holds the maximum percentage of insurance claims is Wind and Hail Damage. It accounts for almost 47.2% of the total insurance claims which are made annually.
  2. Second reason for which most of the insurance holders file claim is fir, lightning and debris removal. This make up almost 25.2% of the total insurance claims filed by insurance holders.
  3. Water damage and freezing is also another major problem which causes harm to the homes. Homeowner’s insurance companies in Florida receive almost 17.5% claims for this problem.
  4. There are various other ways your property can get affected from, all other reasons combined account for 4.7% of the total claims.
  5. Theft is one of the major reasons for filing insurance claims. Almost 3% of the cases of the claims are related to theft.
  6. You can take precautions but you cannot avoid certain injuries and damages, so bodily injuries and property damage make 2.3% of the insurance claims.
  7. Medical payment and credit card related issues have 0.2% and 0.1% share respectively.

There are certain tips for you in infographic as well, which will help you at the time of filing insurance claim.