All the home owners know the importance of home insurance. Especially if you live in Florida then it becomes vital part of your life to have Fl Homeowners Insurance to save and protect yourself from natural disasters and calamities. If you have Fl Homeowners Insurance, then you can have complete peace of mind that you are covered for almost all your home related losses.

Here is the list of most expensive insurance claims which were made during last few years in Florida.

  • Approximately $27,629 is the amount which is claimed in average insurance claim related to Fire, lighting and debris removal.
  • The losses due to wind and hail account for as much as $6,881
  • Claims related to Credit card frauds go as much as $5,790 on the average
  • Medical payments can make up to $1,940 in insurance claims
  • Injuries caused to your body or any damage to your property accounts for %18,050 per year on average insurance claim
  • You house damage due to water and freezing can amount to $6,347
  • Theft is another major reason for insurance claim which make up to $2,805 per year

These were some of the facts and figures related to home insurance claims brought to you by Diverse Insurance Group.