Tornadoes- a violent rotating storm, causes lots of damages to your personal belongings and destroy dozens of homes every year in Florida. Unfortunately, many homes are not protected under homeowner’s insurance policy or if protected, doesn’t include tornado insurance coverage or an insufficient coverage to mitigate the extensive damages. Therefore, it is important to choose a wise insurance agent who can guide you well about homeowners policies and adequate coverages. So, before you plan to update your insurance policy or search a new tornado insurance quote in Florida, the following factors will need to be considered when determining your quote.

  • Your home location
  • Size and age of your home
  • Structure and Materials used
  • Your past records of claims
  • Your credit history
  • Appropriate Deductibles

Facts About Tornadoes In Florida

According to the United States Tornado History Project:

  • In 2012, Florida was hit by tornadoes 48 times, killed one, injured dozens and cause million dollars damage.
  • Since 1950, more than 3000 tornadoes were recorded in the state of Florida
  • In 1998, 25 killed in Orange and Osceola countries located in Florida, 150 injured and more than $55 million property damage loss were recorded.

Has Your Cheap Tornado Insurance Policy been Adequate?

The adequacy of your coverage will also depend on whether you opted actual cash value or replacement cost reimbursement plan?

  • Actual cash value: Under this plan, depreciation is taken into an account. For example, if your 10 years old television got hit by the fallen tree during a tornado, then your insurance company will compensate you only for the current value of used television.
  • Replacement cost: This plan ignores depreciation. It means an insurance company will replace your used television with the brand new one.

Is Your Truck Or Car Covered?

Tornadoes might not affect your home, but can destroy your family vehicles parked outside your home, therefore it is important to have an adequate tornado insurance coverage that will help you to replace or repair your car in this disastrous event.

Do You Have Preferred Deductibles?

Every homeowner should be comfortable with the policy deductibles. Remember, you will not be paid for any claim until you meet the deductibles. The higher the deductibles are, lower will be your  insurance premiums.

Finding The Right Provider For Getting The Best Tornado Insurance Quote FL

After you plan to protect your home and valuable assets from the tornadoes, the next step will be choosing a right insurance company. Diverse group (a trusted choice) can help you to find your homeowners insurance free quotes online or you can contact our sales representatives to know more about our services.