Driving In Winters Can Be Unpredictable!

Freezing temperatures, snowy roads, gusts of wind can be a horrible time to be on the roads of Florida, especially if you’re not used to driving in the winter season. Winters are the worst time to get into severe car accidents in Florida because of reduced visibility, slippery roads and maybe reckless driving can be the cause of car injuries. So, what steps you need to take if you experience one?

Here are four guidelines that help you and your loved ones to stay safe while you wait for 911 help after meeting a car accident in Florida.

Avoid panicking

Your first instinct should be to jump out of the car, but depending on the road and traffic conditions. Don’t act aggressively! While staying in your car, take a deep breath and check yourself and others. Remember, if you are in shock, you may fail to notice your injuries at first. Respond calmly and call 911 for medical assistance.

Clear the road first

If you went through a minor accident in which neither you nor other members got hurt, and your car is also operable, try to clear the route first. It will reduce the chances of another accident because other drivers may be driving fast and would need much time to react to their fast-moving vehicle.

Stay visible

If you’re running your car engine, turn on your lights immediately. You can also tie a bright piece of cloth to a door handle or antenna to keep your vehicle visible to other drivers.

Report the accident

Exchange car insurance information with others, jot down points about what had happened and capture few photos. After noting relevant details contact your car insurance provider in Florida to file a claim as soon as possible. But before claiming, be sure that you are fully covered under the auto insurance policy in Florida.

We Provide Solutions!

The Diverse group cares about each Floridian safety. We inform all Florida drivers to take extra care when driving in winters, observe traffic laws, avoid using cell phones and never drink and drive simultaneously.

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