Pokémon Go has taken the world by a storm. Millions of users are hung onto the game trying their level best to find Pokémon character. Pokémon Go takes all users back to their childhood memories where they watched the famous Pokémon cartoon series.

The game is surprisingly being used by people of all ages. The game has taken many forms, some are avid players who are dedicating their time and effort to find Pokémon characters and going to the next level while there are some who aren’t so keen about finding Pokémon characters.

With majority of youngsters who are devoting their time to find such characters to go on another level are taking the game to a whole new level. They are neglecting the potential implications the game can have in real life. The mainstream way to play games is through gaming consoles such as Sony PlayStation, Xbox, amongst many others. These gaming consoles are connected to a power adapter that require a television, essentially, within a home. However, with Pokémon Go, one has to get out of their cozy sofa and move around the city to find Pokémon characters.

Playing a game outside can be risky especially when it involves constantly looking at your phone’s screen and moving around the city. Yes, it’s totally opposite of sitting at home and not worrying about a car hitting you while you walk down the street. In reality, people are moving around the streets hung onto their smartphones and not taking other factors such as cars, bikes, bicycles amongst others into account.

With increase in people playing Pokémon Go, casualties have also risen over the past week where A 28-year-old driver in Auburn, New York crashed into a tree on Tuesday night while playing Pokémon Go, using his phone’s camera. This is just one example amongst many others where people have had serious fatal injuries. This has led to people filing for insurance claims, health, auto and homeowners insurance.

Be vigilant when you’re playing Pokémon Go and don’t forget that real life games have real life consequences.

Pokémon Go

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Pokémon Go