Florida has been in a state of restlessness, anxiety, and pressure. Some are trying to protect their property; some are praying for its destruction while the rest are confused about the situation of the storm. None the less, there is a feeling of fear among Floridians after they witnessed how Matthew devastated so many scenic beauties and as well as took some lives away with it. The storm is still not over yet, so anything is expected out of it. Fortunately, the storm didn’t enter the premises of Florida, but a U-turn is still something imprinted in the minds of many. To make this anxiety filled stage even more horrible, Nicole has also taken birth. A fear that has kept disturbed minds of many Floridians is “Will Matthew, and Nicole merge”?

A breathtaking news for the Floridians is that Nicole is not expected to touch the land and will remain off the coast. On the contrary, Matthew is much likely to be weakened by next week, so chances of any potential danger are lower. The only theory that has been a source of danger could be that since both the storms are of the same scale so they both could join and dance together. This effect is a Fujiwara force in which they both could repel and move away from each other in the opposite direction. This means that Matthew could turn back and move towards Florida. Sources suggest that even if it does turn back towards Florida then by the time, it will reach Florida the magnitude would be so small that it wouldn’t pose a significant threat. Precautions are better than last minute efforts, so people need to be alert and updated with every single inch of it. Protecting your property is everyone priority which they raised after so many struggles hence there could be nothing better than claiming for insurance.

Floridians need to utilize in the best manner they can. They should seek for as much safety measures as possible. The act of preparation initiates when you upgrade your family emergency plan. You should plan where you would go in case if a hurricane comes back and what will be your possible escaping routes and possible departures where you would be forced to leave for. You should consult with your insurers and seek their advice for every possible solution. They can provide you with the best possible solutions to all of your layman to complicated queries. While claiming for your coverage measure your property so you could get the best property coverage. You also need to keep track of all your home documents and keep them in a proper sequence. This week regulators have approved up to 90,000 offers for citizen customers which they could utilize.

Chances for both the storms to collide are very small but yet again one cannot depict the real future outcome, so the best protection from this possible merger is just early precautions and preparation.