Brevard County is the 10th largest county in the state of Florida, with a population of approx 543,376, is also known as the Space Coast and its official county seat is Titusville. Residents of BC can protect their homes from windstorms, hurricanes, fires, lightning or other weather and man-made disasters by getting the appropriate, standard Florida home insurance policy. It is to be kept in mind that standard home policy doesn’t provide Flood insurance coverage and a separate policy is needed to protect your home and belongings against flood disaster. However, flood insurance can be bundled with your traditional homeowner’s policy, easily.

Risks In Brevard County

BC is located along the central Florida eastern coast and possesses a very high risk of frequent hurricanes. Since 1930, the county has been hit 99 times by hurricanes. Mitch was the largest hurricane which hit the county in 1998, destroyed many lives and properties. The most recent BC hurricane was Arthur,  2014.

Average Brevard County Home Insurance

BC, Florida residents are currently paying $2,115 on an account of average home insurance annually, where the majority of the United states homeowners population pay $1,096 an average home insurance.  Before you purchase your Florida home insurance policy, it is very important to have a detailed meeting with your insurance agent to get the best coverage for your home and finding new ways to save money on your home premiums.

What Affects My Standard, Cheap Home Insurance Policy, FL?

The following list isn’t exhaustive and your rates may be influenced by the

  • The age of your home
  • Materials used in the construction of your home
  • The type of your home (e.g., condo, beach home, detached house, manufactured home or townhouse.)
  • Your home value
  • Size of home
  • Location of your home, the ZIP code of the city
  • Home proximity to fire stations
  • The use of the home: primary residence or vacation home
  • The quantity and value  the contents you want to cover (high-value contents required separate coverage)
  • Deductible amount
  • Whether you are bundling your home insurance with auto, life or other insurance, you might become eligible for discounts.

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