The State of Florida is the center of attraction for transplants and tourists all over the world. Its white sandy beaches attract millions of people for their vacation and now ranked among one of the best destinations in the US. The State has a large amount of properties, rental houses, condos with the perks offerings gyms or swimming pool.

Is My Condo Protected?

Condo insurance is important no matter you own or rent it. Many renters assume that their condo is protected under Landlord’s insurance policy, but this assumption is patently untrue. To secure your condo from unexpected disasters you need a coverage under Florida condo insurance policy. A good coverage plan can protect your financials and belongings from emergency strikes and you’ll be lucky, even after the damage, theft or other uncertainty occurs.

What Is Covered Under A Condo Insurance Policy FL?

Many insurance companies design a set of coverage plan which are grouped together to protect a person from the loss occurred due to most common and terrifying events. Let’s have a look what a typical insurance plan covers.

Liability coverage

A small slip or a minor head injury in your rented condo can make you liable for the damages. This type of insurance can cover your liability claim cost

Property coverage

Whether you own or rent a condo, this type of policy covers your personal belongings like furniture, clothes, artworks, appliances, jewelry, electronics and other items from rain, storm, theft, fire or vandalism.

Vacant condo coverage:

This type of policy is easily affordable and covers your property if you’re residing for vacation purpose.

Owning And Renting Condo In Florida

When you own a condo, the condo insurance policy provides you same benefits which are available for a homeowners insurance policy. Whereas, when you rent your condo, your policy will also cover your personal belongings.

What Contributes To The Condo Insurance Quote FL?

When you search for the best condo insurance quote in Florida, make sure you know about these factors so that you get the desirable and adequate policy to protect you.

  • Condo’s location, value and price
  • How many people are residing
  • Tenants records and credit score
  • If pool or fitness center is there
  • Personal belongings value
  • Desired deductibles and coverage

All the above factors will be taken into account when giving you a condo insurance quote.