Quotes Auto Insurance

Motorists in Florida believe in getting their money’s worth when looking for quotes auto insurance. The question that rests on most of their minds and most probably yours as well is “Are there reputable auto insurance companies around we can trust that are affordable?”


Comparing Quotes for Auto Insurance

More often than not people are comparing several auto insurance companies to establish which one offers the best options coupled with affordable rates. Some are online only and some have the benefit of a local or Florida based agent. This they would do to filter out companies that seem to be quite expensive and the ones who do not really care about them as customers, but are looking to make money out of them.

While you may come across auto insurance companies who provide affordable quotes, they might not have coverage that will benefit you in the long run. Especially, if you consider that we are talking about the state of Florida over here. Therefore, it will not necessarily be in your best interest to go for the cheapest Florida auto insurance you can find.

State of Florida Auto Insurance Requirements

When looking for reputable auto insurance companies, you need to bear in mind that Florida state laws require that you maintain minimum coverage in that you should have at least; $10,000 PIP (Personal Injury Protection), $20,000 BIL (Bodily Injury Liability) and $10,000 PDL (Property Damage Liability).

So, it would be good to find an Florida auto insurance agency that operates as an independently owned franchise who have dealings with well known insurance carriers that will give you the best deal.

You will be pleasantly surprised if you were told that there is one such an auto insurance agency in Florida who specializes in auto insurance. They are the Diverse Insurance Group better known as GlobalGreen Insurance Agency. As an independently Owned Franchise that are closely partnered with trustworthy auto insurance carriers such as Progressive, MetLife, Safeco, Travelers, Hartford, Windhaven, Equity, Foremost and Select they certainly have your best interest at heart.

Why You Should Do Business with GlobalGreen Insurance Agency in Florida

What sets GlobalGreen Insurance Agency apart from any other local Florida auto insurance agency is the state of the art service you receive when dealing with them. When contacting them for quotes auto insurance you can be assured that your personal details are not shared with any other company. Unlike some other quoting systems that would actually sell your information to companies that are hungry for customers.

This company is certainly not self centered as they heavily promote the entire state of Florida. One aspect that can be quite off putting would be if you have to deal with automated phone systems when calling auto insurance companies. You might have specific questions that need answering, which is why we highly recommend GlobalGreen Insurance Agency in Florida. When calling them, you always get to talk to a live person who is a licensed agent and will promptly answer any questions you may have and provide you with several coverage options and quotes auto insurance that are both affordable and in compliance with your insurance requirements as stipulated by the state of Florida. You are encouraged to contact them today by visiting their site at http://www.insurefloridians.com