Pools, Trampolines, Hot Tubs And Tree Houses All Affect Home Insurance Quotes In Florida

Summer toys provide enjoyable ways for kids and adults to dive, jump or climb, but they also come with risks. Homes with pools, trampolines and hot tubs pose a greater risk for injuries, therefore, a homeowner needs to have adequate liability coverage before anyone gets injured on the premises. These summer toys also affect home insurance quotes in Florida and end up you with greater premiums.


Swimming pools not only increases your property’s replacement cost but increase your risk profile as well. Insurance providers will ask you to take the following precautionary measures to safeguard you and your pool from potential mishaps.

  • Add a gated fence around your pool
  • Never serve alcohol in or around the pool
  • Keep your pool deck clean at all times
  • Have a responsible supervision when kids or guests uses the pool


If you have Trampolines, take precautions to prevent injuries.  Similar to swimming pools, trampolines are fun and act as an “attractive nuisance” appeal to trespassing children. Not all insurers provide trampoline coverage; therefore, you should read your policy to see if there is a separate trampoline exclusion clause.

  • Always make sure trampoline is clean and safe.
  •  Inspect it before each use to ensure that the trampoline is not damaged.
  • Never set it up near trees or other structures
  • Put up proper netting around the trampoline to prevent falling off
  • Always supervise when your children are on the trampoline
  • Don’t allow kids under 6 to use it
  • One person should use trampoline at a time

Hot Tubs

Your home insurance quotes in Florida will reach to the sky if you have Hot tubs installed at your home in addition to pools and trampolines. They also require additional liability coverage. Therefore to reduce the risk associated with the use of hot tubs, following safety tips should be applied.

  • Always keep your tub covered when not in use
  • Always supervise children while they are using the tub
  • Do not serve alcohol to your guest when they are in the hot tub

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