Why Do I Need To Switch My Insurance Agency Near Me?

If your beautiful and expensive home is insured with the same insurance agency for several years or more, you may be entitled to receive a good discount on your homeowners insurance policy in Florida. Even if you are receiving discounts, still you could have valid reasons for wanting to switch homeowner’s insurance agency near you when your home insurance policy is up for renewal or at some point mid-year.

Reasons to break up with your current insurance carrier:

Price: you got better rates when shop around.

Bundle: you are switching auto insurance company and want to bundle your home policy to get better discounts than your current insurer is offering.

Service: you weren’t satisfied with their claim processing services.

Additional coverage: you want additional coverage such as sinkhole insurance which your current carrier isn’t offering.

Steps To Follow When Switching Your Insurance Agency

Don’t be afraid to change your coverage or carrier because you deserve to have the coverage you want at the price you need.

1. Shop for a new insurance agency

Compare home insurance policy quotes and choose the carrier which best suits your needs and budget. Keep in mind that your home is your biggest valuable investment which you need to protect should the disaster strike.

2. Apply for a  new insurance agency

When applying for new insurance with a new provider, fill out an application form appropriately, providing all information required therein. If you have any special items or high-value items such as jewelry or business equipment, list those items in your application, and they might be covered in a separate high-value insurance coverage.

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3. Make the switch effective

Once you get the date of the new policy will be effective, cancel your existing homeowner’s insurance policy to make switch effective. You can also cancel your policy by sending a written request to your current provider by including

  • Your name
  • Policy number
  • Address of the property insured
  • Your contact details
  • A basic statement “I would like to cancel my policy” and
  • The policy cancellation date

 4. Notify your mortgage company

If you have a mortgage on your home, notify your lender in writing about the change of policy and carrier.

One word of caution: Never leave your home without homeowners insurance coverage in Florida– even for one day.

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