Homeowners Insurance In Florida

Finding the right homeowners insurance policy in Florida is a vital step in getting the coverage homeowners need at an affordable price. The policy protects your home structure and belongings in the event damage occurs due to natural or man-made disasters. You may either ask the independent insurance agent to find the best fit for you or may compare plans by yourself at the rates available to you. To help homeowners, we have summed up few tips which could help you in comparing home insurance plans when you shop around.

  • First, list down your coverage requirements according to the size of your home, the value of personal assets, appliances, etc.
  • Consider if you need any special coverage, such as flood insurance coverage which is not included in a standard homeowners insurance policy in Florida.
  • Visit the official website of each insurance company in your area. Get an estimate of your premiums by filling out their “Get a Free Quote Form” available online.
  • Write down all home insurance quotes you receive and features included therein, such as discounts and claim filing.
  • Read and compare the quote list you prepared. Eliminate insurers that cannot provide you desired coverage or that charges significantly higher premiums.
  • Ask insurers about the claim filing process. Go with the one which offers easy process.
  • If you have received quotes online do verify on a call with the insurance representative.
  • Ask each insurance company about customer service matters, the average claim turnaround time such as a 24-hour phone line.
  • Check each insurer on the official website of the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (who regulate the insurance industry) and Better Business Bureau who has company information and customer satisfaction ratings online.
  • Eliminate companies that have poor ratings with the BBB or the NAIC.
  • Select the insurer that offers the best homeowners insurance coverage you need and the services you want for the affordable price.

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