We’re all trying to save in one way or the other, be it shopping for clothes or getting our groceries. This is because the majority of us have limited incomes and have multiple expenses to support our lifestyle.

When it comes to insurance, we’ve got multiple questions in our head and a debate starts regarding which insurance is the best one for us. Homeowners insurance is no exception. From your damaged roof to someone breaking into your house and stealing your belongings, homeowners insurance should have you covered. Now that you’re thinking about homeowners insurance, shopping for such insurance is just as demanding us shopping for any other goods. It’s advised to search around and have your options open to grasp the best deal which best fits your needs.

Follow these steps to save on your homeowners insurance in Florida:

  1. Consult a Professional and shop around for the best rates

You can get free quote by filling online forms and can call local insurance companies to get an estimate of insurance rates. An insurance professional or a broker can guide you through the process. You can even get discounts if you’ve got a membership of a club. Check with the insurance company if they give discounts for homeowners insurance.

  1. Upgrade Your Home

Making slight repairs and renovations can lead a long way in maintaining your home, also, it can lower your homeowners insurance premiums. If you’ve got a home which is in good shape (structure, plumbing, wiring and strong build material), insurance companies will be reluctant to give you a reduced premium. If your home is not in such a good shape, make necessary changes to update your home so that insurance companies have no excuse to give you a good insurance premium.

  1. Understand the difference between replacement cost and actual cost value

When seeking for homeowners insurance, it’s important to be able to distinguish between replacement cost versus actual cash value. Essentially, replacement cost insures you for the cost it takes to replace your home and other personal belongings in your home. Another option is known as actual cash value which is based on the actual value of your home and doesn’t take damage caused to property into consideration. For example: if you’ve got a desktop worth $800 and it gets stolen, with replacement cost insurance, you’ll get $800 to get a new laptop. However, with actual cash value, you’ll get the current market worth for the laptop which will essentially be less as it takes various factors into consideration such as depreciation, time value of money, interest rates etc.

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