Did you own affordable homeowners insurance in Florida?

If you’re a Florida resident, you must have purchased the best homeowners policy to protect your home and valuables from natural or man-made disaster. We all know that Floridians face some highest home insurance rates in the US nation, due to the high-risk of unpredictable and disastrous weather events. Here is what all homeowners need to know if they own an affordable homeowners insurance in Florida.

Cancellation of your affordable homeowners insurance in Florida

Your home insurance policy can be cancelled for a variety of reasons discussed as follows:

  • Older roof

You have probably heard that your home roof is an important part when considering a suitable home insurance for you. It withstands the heavy rains, wind, sun and other poor weather conditions. Because these weather damages can end up you costly claims, insurance providers take extra care to make sure your roof is strong and up to the job.

If insurance agents see damaged, curling or missing shingles, they can either terminate your policy or provide you with a notice that the new roof needs to be installed. So, before purchasing a home do consider the roof condition, because this will not only help you to keep your home insurance in effect but protect your home when the big one hits.

  • Dog with a bite history

Almost all home policies exclude Doberman, Wolf Hybrid, Rottweiler, Presa Canario, Pit Bull, Akira, or Staffordshire terrier or any dog or pet with a bite history on your home, they may end up your policy with no questions asked.

  • Poor condition property

Poor condition home may lead your insurance agent to think that you’re in serious financial trouble. A visit will be made by an inspector to see how well your property is maintained. If they found that your walls are in poor condition, needs to be painted, trees are destroying roof or other structures, etc, this is an indication that you either suffer from monetary problems or don’t give a damn care to invest in these things, thinking a claim can protect you. This philosophy may lead your affordable homeowners insurance in Florida to an end.

My Next Step?

Whatever reason for the policy cancellation, your next step will be to get the new affordable homeowners insurance in Florida before your policy cancellation date to protect your home and valuables during this gap.

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