There are various types of homeowner’s insurance policies in Florida. An individual who owns his or her home will most likely be having a different policy from someone who rents a home. The policies also vary on the sum of insurance coverage that is being provided.

The various forms of homeowner’s insurance policies are reasonably average throughout the country. Although, respective states and companies may provide policies that are somewhat distinct or have alternative names such as “deluxe” or “standard.”

The following shows the list of disasters covered in each of the following types of policies:

If you own your home:

If you own a Florida home in which you reside, you will be having various policies to select from. The most favored policy is the HO-3, which provides a vast amount of coverage. This type of policy will cover the structure and the belongings inside your home.

HO-3: The most popular policy

This “special” policy safeguards your home from all perils except those which are specifically excluded.

HO-8: Older home

This policy is designed for older homes; this policy usually compensates you for damage on an actual cash value basis. Full replacement cost policies may not be available for some older homes.

If you rent your home:

HO-4: Renter

This policy is specifically created for those who rent the home that they reside in. This policy safeguards your belongings and the policy also includes liability coverage for the tenants or renter.
If you own a co-op or a condo:

HO-6: Condo/Co-op

This policy is for those who own a condo or co-op, it provides coverage for your belongings and the structural parts of the building that you own. This coverage is commonly referred to as “Walls in coverage.”