Whether you own a house or a condominium in Florida, you need to protect your investment against the unpredictable natural and man-made disasters, especially if you have a mortgage loan. When you own a house you own everything inside it, even the land on which the house sits.  Your homeowners policy in Florida provides coverage for the structure, your personal items, and assets inside your home. On the contrast, when you own a condo, you are only responsible for the space (or share of property) within your wall.

Let’s discuss the following differences between the two.

Dwelling Coverage:

Your condo policy will not cover any pools, sidewalks, trampolines or the building your condominium is housed in (doesn’t insure any structure technically not belong to you). This means your condo policy will only protect you against your personal assets, walls, and appliances that are interior-facing.

Whereas, dwelling coverage in a homeowner insurance policy in Florida covers your physical home: the roof, ceilings, walls, floors, etc. It also covers garages, pools, sheds, and fences (outside structures).

Liability Coverage:

As a house owner, you are responsible for the financial loss or body injury of the people visiting your home, even if they get injured in your pool, backyard, trampoline, etc. whereas, as a condo owner you will be held responsible only if damage occur inside your property and not outside areas. Even if you invite a friend to enjoy swimming in your building’s pool, and they accidentally injure themselves, you will not be held responsible for the injury as it would be the responsibility of the building on which condo sits.


The cost of homeowners insurance in Florida is usually twice as a condo policy. As we explain above, for a condo you do not need as much dwelling coverage, so that dramatically reduces the price of your policy.

Optional Coverage

Condo insurance may cover

  • Building improvements, additions, and alterations.
  • Additional living expenses – temporary stay at another place if your unit gets severely damaged.

Homeowners policy in Florida normally covers the above options and even more than this.

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