Filing Homeowners Insurance Claim In Florida Is Never A Fun

No one like experiencing home damage because it can ruin your year’s savings and can disrupt your life. This is why the concept of homeowners insurance emerges the main purpose of which is to protect homeowner’s biggest investment if a loss occurs due to natural or man-made disaster.

The process of filing a homeowners insurance claim in Florida can be little painful but in the end, it gives you peace of mind that your home will be repaired. In this post, we have discussed few do’s and don’ts for handling homeowners insurance claim in Florida.


Call your agent immediately

The first and foremost step of filing a successful claim is to inform your agent right away the event occurs. This will alert your provider of your situation so they can guide you further and get an adjuster out to determine your loss. Keep in mind, waiting too long can result in a denial of the claim. You should first inform your insurer before contacting a contractor to start any repairs.

Take pictures

It is highly recommended to capture images of damages occurred on your property. But be careful; don’t expose yourself to harm to take pictures from different angles. Capture it only if it is safe to do so. Share these pictures with your insurer either by email or by sending hard copies.

Keep receipts

If your home isn’t safe to stay after a loss occurred and you need to spend your day in a hotel then you should save receipts for expenses related to temporary accommodation and your policy may provide coverage for that.


Don’t file small claims

It is advisable to save your insurance for major claims. Never file a small claim if the cost is less than your insurance deductible. You should save your policy for major disasters.

Don’t give up

There might be many reasons for the refusal of your homeowners insurance claim in Florida but this will not be an end. You can appeal the decision if you think denial is unjustified and you can prove it.

Contact Diverse Insurance Group

As independent insurance agents we always want our clients to follow the above do’s and don’ts of filing a homeowners insurance claim in Florida so that the process becomes easier and smoother for them. If interested to know more about our homeowners insurance policy in Florida please visit

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