Cheap Flood Insurance in Florida – An Essential Layer of Protection

Flood insurance isn’t actually covered under your traditional homeowners policy in Florida, even if you live in high flood risk areas. But you can buy flood coverage from the NFIP to protect your beautiful and expensive home. Adding flood coverage to your policy means you’re protected if groundwater floods your home, especially if you live in risky areas. Here are the potential reasons why the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) recommends every homeowner to have cheap flood insurance in Florida.

Poor drainage systems, heavy rainfall, melting snow, and broken water mains can happen anywhere and result in a flood. Generally, one in five flood claims comes from homeowners living in low or moderate-risk areas.

Flood Facts

  • Everyone in the US lives in a flood zone
  • Floods happen in all fifty states
  • Just an inch of water can destroy your biggest investment
  • In 2016, one-third of NFIP claims were for homeowners living in low-to-moderate flood risky areas

Can I Get A Low-Cost Flood Insurance Policy In Florida If I Live In Low-To-Medium Risk Areas?

Yes.  The NFIP Preferred Risk Policy (Standard Flood Insurance Policy) offers low-cost protection to homes located in low-to-medium flood risk areas.

Misconceptions About Flood Insurance In Florida

Misconception number 1: Flood coverage is included in the standard home policy. But if you noticed that the first page of your policy clearly states that “homeowners policy DO NOT cover flood insurance,” a point usually highlighted in BOLD letters.

Misconception number 2: Flood coverage is damn expensive. If you live in low risk areas, you can get preferred risk policy (PRP) at lower rates.

Misconception number 3: I don’t live in flood zone area so I don’t need a separate flood policy. According to FEMA, the entire state of Florida is designated as a flood zone because it is the highest rank natural disaster in the United States.

From Where Can I Buy Cheap Flood Insurance In Florida

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