Your agent will be asking you multiple questions such as what kind of home you own or rent, roughly how much your possessions are worth, and what kind of liability coverage you will need. In most cases – for instance, when you request a quote for Florida homeowners insurance – your agent will ask for fairly basic information you probably already have on hand. The agent will also want to know how many people live in your household, what pets you own, and the general condition of your house. You should also inform your agent if you own any specific valuable items that might need special coverage called a floater. Floater is a separate policy which you need to purchase.

As with other insurance, an agent will ask for identifying information for you and the property address. In addition, your desired coverage limits will be a factor when it comes to determining how much you’ll pay for a policy. Other vital topics may include:

• Renovations and repairs. Have you or the current homeowner recently replaced the roof or done major renovations? If the home is new to you, your agent may be able to get some of this information by pulling local building permits.

• Current condition and amenities. How old is your water heater? When did you last do any major work on your plumbing? Do you have a fireplace? Custom master bathroom? These details help determine the home’s current condition and how much it may cost to repair or rebuild it in the event that it’s damaged by a covered peril.

In short, in order to obtain a quote, your insurance agent will need the following information to get started:

1. Your full name and property address.
2. The date of birth of all owners.
3. Closing date.
4. The name and contact number for the bank providing the loan.
5. A copy of the appraisal.
6. Square footage of the home.
7. Any improvements to the home