When you get homeowners insurance, there is no right insurance nor wrong insurance company. It’s all merely on the customers’ preferences and personal experiences. Getting cheap home insurance in Florida can be a tough job but hey, this is why we’re here to get the best homeowners insurance rates for you!

A recent survey conducted by the Insurance Journal found that regional insurance carriers have a better service rating than national carriers. The main reason for this is that local insurance providers have a greater opportunity of providing customized service to their customers and that the customer is not merely a number on their list.

A local insurance provider has a better relation with the customers than the national insurance provider.

Now, in order to ease your decision making process of whether you should opt for a local insurance or a national insurance, we have come up with top reasons as to why you should choose a Florida based insurance agent rather than a national insurance:

1. Supreme Customer Service – when you call a local agent, you get one to one personal service. Your personal agent can relate to the policy and is mostly familiar with your position. When calling a national insurance company, you might reach a call center and end up with various representatives each time.

2. Personal Contact – local insurance providers are keen at providing you with insurance and establishing a relationship with their clients. On the other hand, national insurance providers do not give you a personal touch due to various complexities.

3. Know the Area – a local insurance agent has a well-defined knowledge of your area. They can easily figure out potential risks associated with your area. For example, if your home is situated in a flood zone area, you will be requiring flood insurance. A local insurance agency can recommend you great tips.

4. Flexibility – a local insurance agency will be flexible in customizing a coverage specific to your needs. However, a national insurance agency won’t be keen on customizing that for you.

5. Options – a local independent insurance agency, such as Insure Floridians can customize the insurance according to your needs. With over 4 years of homeowners experience and professional underwriters, you can get the best insurance rates out there!

If you have any queries regarding your home insurance, feel free to consult us. We at Insure Floridians specialize in best insurance for homeowners. Also, fill out the free quote form to get the most affordable insurance rates out there!