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One of the reasons why people are not keen on acquiring insurance for their vehicle is due to the rising Florida Auto Insurance Rates. While most would understand why homeowners insurance costs so much (hurricane problems in Florida, why would this be the case with regards to auto insurance?

With that said, did you know that motorists in Florida can pay as much as $1,050 if not more a year on auto insurance. This makes auto insurance premiums the fifth most expensive within the USA.

Reasons for High Florida Auto Insurance Rates

According to statistics Florida’s traffic density, as well as its urban population, is what contributes to high auto insurance premiums. Due to fast moving city highways and faster cars in and around the state of Florida, there are far more accidents than usual.

Aggressive speedsters and older drivers who average driving speeds of 35 mph in a 55 mph speed zone are the reason why a lot of car accidents take place which in turn leads to higher auto insurance premiums.

Hit and run incidents taking place in South Florida in areas like Tampa and Orlando, tourists who do not know the area they are driving through, and foreigners who have no idea on what driving etiquette to follow all contribute to the high accident rate and subsequently a higher auto insurance rate.

Other reasons for higher premiums can be attributed to the state of Florida experiencing safety issues in that there are several motorists driving around in vehicles that are not deemed safe, which can contribute significantly to road accidents in main areas of Florida.

Add to that the amount of uninsured as well as unemployed drivers, then you can begin to see just why are Florida auto insurance rates too high.

How Staged Auto Mobile Accidents Affects Florida Auto Insurance Rates

Another challenge that auto insurance companies are currently facing is staged automobile accidents. Rising rates are experienced due to certain organized groups who are looking for a regular revenue stream which they achieve through staging automobile accidents. This they do by submitting fraudulent claims.

According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB), Florida accounts for around 27 plus percent of all accidents that are staged in the U.S where as much as five main metro areas are ranked among the top ten cities facing auto insurance losses. These are West Palm Beach, Miami, Orlando, Hialeah, and Tampa.

Securing Cheaper Florida Auto Insurance Rates or Premiums

It is clear from the statements above that a stricter stance needs to be taken against road users in the state of Florida. Motorists will be sure to reap the benefits in paying far less for their auto insurance when opting to go for auto insurance companies that have stricter policies in place for high-risk drivers.

This will help ensure that cheaper rates can be secured by those who have a clean driving record with regards to being involved in previous vehicle accidents and in being seen as experienced road users.

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