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No matter where you live, keeping a comfy roof over your loved one’s head should always be one of your highest priorities. Remember, newer is always better! According to Florida state laws, if necessary roof repairs cover more than 25% of your roof’s surface, you need to replace your roof. Many home insurance companies in Florida are becoming more restrictive about coverage of old roof claims. For example;

  • Refusing to renew your current homeowner’s insurance policy on the house with 20 years old roof.
  • Not writing new home insurance policies for homes having old roofs or
  • Paying ACV (Actual Cash Value) for replacing older roofs.

What Is Considered By Your Best Florida Home Insurance Company?

Tim Reinhold, the structural engineer at the Insurance Institute for Business and Home Safety (IBHA) based in Tampa, Fla, says. “The roof is the first layer that wind, hail, wildfire and other hazards really begin to act on. In more than 90 percent of hail or high-wind claims, there is a payout relative to the roof cover.” Source:

There are two main things to give importance when talking roofing.

  1. Whether the roof is made of tile, architectural or standard shingles?
  2. The shape of the roof. The most famous roof types are:

Hipped roof: A hip roof provides greater stability and is best for standing up during winds and for insurance rates.

hipped roof

Gable roof: This dates back to ancient times and provides more protection when compared to unbraced gable roofs.


gable roof
Because home insurance companies in Florida have a vested interest in your roof type, they price your homeowner’s policy accordingly, based on the soundness of roof construction and how much it will cost insurers to replace it.

What Would Be The Replacement Cost Of My Old Roof?

Roof replacement can cost the homeowner a big sum of money. However, it much depends on factors such as the size of the roof, the accessibility, the state climate, and local labour rates. The costs cover:

Tearing off the old roofing material to prepare it for overlaying.

Now, installing the new roof comes with some unforeseen costs in fixing rotten plywood and water damage that has deteriorated since ages.

Next, your cost depends on the type of roofing you want for your home. Adding options like colour options, longer warranties, and others also add to the roof cost.

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The Florida state requires insurance companies to offer discounts to homeowners for protecting their roof against weather damages, so it doesn’t blow off. To know more about Florida homeowners insurance premium discounts, please visit our blog “How To Gain Homeowners Insurance Premium Discounts In Florida?

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