What’s the first thing you think of Florida? There are many reasons to love and live in the state of Florida such as high culture, beautiful scenery, fantastic food, and plenty other things that just make it awesome to reside. However, things are heating up, and the decision to move to Florida might be the best decision you’ve had ever made.

Here are five good reasons why you should move to the Sunshine State.

1. Florida’s Weather

The climate of Florida state is humid sub-tropical, while most people are just hanging out in a warm comfortable temperature. Its warm and pleasant weather makes it the top tourist destinations and the state has to deal with a lot of Spring Breakers.

Florida’s Weather

2. Breathtaking Recreational Activities

Florida features natural treasures and thousands of recreational activities such as biking, hiking, bird-watching, and much more.

florida recreational activities

3. Best Amusement Parks

Central Florida is a home to the world’s top iconic characters, Lego Legends, and Superheroes. Besides entertainment, amusement destinations represent the entire state segment of economy creating countless career opportunities.

florida amusement parks

4. No State Income Tax

Where some states collect 10% or more on account of state income tax, Florida state is one of 7 states with no state income tax. It means you could save more money in your pocket.

5. Salt Life

Florida beautiful beaches along the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean offer both relaxation and recreational activities, dependent upon one’s personal preferences and is ranked among the top beach lists in the world.

florida salt life

6. You Can Enjoy Pirate Life

The state hasn’t forgotten the history of pirates, treasure, and shipwrecks, so if you want to enjoy a pirate life, wear an eye patch and enjoy pirate festivals.

You Can Enjoy Pirate Life

7. Housing Market Is Heating Up

The real estate market of Florida state is building a great equity for homeowners. New homes in the Treasure Coast, Jacksonville, and in Orlando are high in demand, reflected by double digits.

Housing Market Is Heating Up

8. New Homes Are Waiting For You

The most important reason why you should move to Florida is a construction of new AV Homes to provide you with the luxury lifestyle you deserve.

New Homes Are Waiting For You

In Florida, you can find people from different states and even from other countries. This is not an end, and there is a lot more to discover about the beautiful Florida State.