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Cracks and another type of foundation damages aren’t only serious, but can also be very expensive to bring the original condition back. If your home is years old there might be a possibility of any cracks that could affect the overall structural integrity of your home. But if you think your homeowner’s insurance policy in Florida will foot the bill, you might come into shocked later. Don’t assume! The purpose of this blog is to guide you through the following essential steps necessary to avoid any unpleasant surprises later.

Check your insurance policy

Poor construction and soil expansion are typically excluded from standard homeowners insurance policies in Florida because it covers your property only against specific perils. If your foundation damages as a result of a tornado, explosion, or fire (covered risks) your policy may reimburse you for the loss but up to the coverage limit specified in the policy.

Do you have a warranty?

Some builders offer foundation warranties for up to 10 years. Check to see if you have a warranty and read it over carefully before filing a claim.

Tip: If you’re buying a home, don’t just check the cosmetic beauty and be sure to have the foundation inspected by a qualified and experienced professional. This will help you save thousands of dollars by having any problems identified before you sign the dotted line.

Be proactive

If you notice the initial foundation damage warning signs get the problem repaired immediately. By addressing these serious issues early, you will be able to avoid more serious structural problems for which your insurer could refuse to pay.

Adding supplemental coverage

Will home insurance companies near me offer supplemental coverage? Depending on where you live, it may be worth purchasing supplemental coverage for conditions or perils not covered by your standard policy. Most carriers will let you purchase a dwelling coverage to cover specific perils, such as loss occurred due to water seepage or by a burst water pipe. However, foundation damage caused by earth movement is generally excluded.

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