“Many times you can’t find (a price) you’re willing to pay,” says Lynne McChristian, Florida representative for the Insurance Information Institute (III) Your dream home may be a nightmare to insure if it has a checkered claim history or it is located in a disaster-prone area. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t find the best home insurance in Florida anywhere. However, your peace of mind may end up paying higher prices for it.

4 Types Of Hard To Insure Home

You need to dig deep into your pocket if you own any one of the following homes.

Homes located in disaster-prone areas

Each year the beautiful Florida state gets hit by dozens of natural disasters. But if you reside in an area that is more prone to wildfires and natural disasters, a search for cheap home insurance is a must. Because of the risk tied to your disaster-prone area, you will probably pay big bucks for the best home insurance in Florida.

Older homes

Your age and style of the home can make it harder to insure. Insurers are likely to shy away from covering your home under homeowner insurance if plumbing, electrical system or roof hasn’t been replaced or updated.

Second or Vacant home

Your personal retreat! Because your vacation home remains unoccupied much annually, it can be a challenge to get the best home insurance in Florida. The small problem of water leakage can cause big damage to your second home. Also, vacant home invites vandals, making it much harder to insure.

Homes with a pool or trampoline

Your insurance provider may see your pools or trampoline as an “attractive nuisance. ” Every homeowner run the risk of someone being badly injured or killed in their pool, for which he or she could be sued. That’s why some providers may refuse to provide you insurance coverage or charge you damn higher insurance rates.

Don’t Get Dishearted With The Diverse Group

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