Why I Need Flood Insurance Quote? Heavy Rains Might Lead To Flooding

Flood insurance is an extra layer of protection for you and for your home. Adding flood insurance in your insurance coverage means you are protected if groundwater floods your home. Most homeowners policies do not give you a benefit of flood insurance, but it is available separately. We agree with NFIP (National Flood Insurance Program) that everyone should have their home covered by, especially if you are residing in an area which is at high risk. Heavy rain, severe coastal weather, melting snow can happen anywhere.

We have summarized these tips for our client’s which can save them from big losses.

  • When you plan to purchase a home in coastal areas, get your hands on a flood map or ask a land surveyor to help you. You can also contact FEMA to know more details.
  • It is important to keep in mind that dry land or desert areas are more dangerous to live because they’re not able to absorb flood water quickly.
  • Saving a few dollars can cost you big financial loss in the future. It is recommended to obtain flood insurance policy in advance.
  • Are you aware of the fact that 30% of flood damage usually occur in low-risk areas? Yes, homes in non-flood zone areas can be at high risk.

What Should Be Covered?

Generally, a good percentage of your house is covered by the flood insurance quotes. Specifically and most importantly the foundation. The other core parts, like personal belongings, carpeting, appliances, and systems are covered too, unless they are in the basement.

When do I need it? Get prepared for the rainy day

Most insurance companies require a minimum 30 day waiting period which might be enough to destroy your big investment. Exceptions are the purchase of a new home and the closing period is less than 30 days.  Don’t worry! Give us a call to know more about our cheapest insurance free quotes.

Florida Flood Insurance Is One Price

Flood insurance is a national program supported by the federal government at an average cost of $700 annually. Its cost is almost same no matter wherever you go, but there might be a premium difference depending on the flood risk and a difference of proper guidance which can’t be ignored. We not only offer the best insurance policy, but help you to get the best flood insurance quotes.